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RE:PUBLIC psychic workshop/

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RE:PUBLIC psychic workshop/
Led by A. Bowden
at Hoy Polloy
2121 East 10th Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46201

This workshop is meant to help identify and redefine the psychic space as a physical factor active in our own healing and trauma. It discusses various causes of community trauma which are manifested and held at the psychic level. The information and exercises provided hopefully activate a need for emotional healing that leads to a more sustainable way to contribute to community building.

A presentation will be given to help navigate these spaces and concepts visually.

Statement from A. Bowden:


There is no one cure or lone cause of community trauma. This presentation is meant to make the language and existence of a psychic space for healing accessible.

This is a conceptual approach to healing through identifying The Who,what,when,where, and why’s of community trauma aka the imploded community. These are artistic techniques for salvaging the self through the we.

A. Bowden, portrait by Anna Powell Teeter

A. Bowden, portrait by Anna Powell Teeter

A. Bowden is a conceptual artist living in Bloomington, IN. They believe in small towns, liminal states, and intention as form.

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