Helado Negro Goes Beyond Intention

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When listening to Helado Negro, you’re able to transcend and connect with the music like you were in the recording session while the album was being recorded. From Latinx representation to his bilingual compositions — Roberto Carlos Lange (also known as Helado Negro) lets you take a deep plunge into this South Florida native’s universe. The music stands as a representation of inclusivity for the entire Latin diaspora. “His music can be characterized as lyrically personal and political avant garde,” says his Bandcamp bio. Branding the phrase, “Young, Latin and Proud,” Roberto Lange has been able to provide a voice to many voiceless — also provide an identity that you couldn’t help but be proud of. His latest album, This is How You Smile, is out on RVNGIntl. — Ari Attack, Abstract Music Editor

1. What is your earliest memory of listening to or making music?

With my family — my dad and mom would have all their records leaned up against the stereo, ready to go.

2. What role do you want your music to play in society?

It’s a means of expression. I use it to communicate complicated feelings about social and personal ideas. I try to find something that creates a personal world and if it works, I share something that may have something for someone else to take it for themselves.

3. Where is music headed?

It will always be the same as it ever was. Never one thing, it’s private and public. Some of the most inspiring music to me is the stuff that goes beyond intention. 

4. What do you want the algorithm to solve?

I hope it can solve the problem it’s created. I hope it can undo itself. An algorithm to erase the algorithm.

5. Who is a living artist that we should know about and why?

Deforrest Brown Jr. His work expresses sound in so many forms, text, performance and music.

Check out more of Helado’s work at heladonegro.com


Ariana Beedie (Ari Attack) is a freelance journalist, audio producer, community leader and facilitator. She created a publication called Face A Face, focusing on promoting marginalized voices in her community. She has contributed to projects for AFROPUNK, Sidepiece Magazine and WFYI. Find her online at @ariattack on Instagram and @ariattack_ on Twitter.