Mitchell L. H. Douglas: Mala

Mitchell L. H. Douglas


Maybe when we talk
@ the end of this divided date,
we won’t mention the shooting
@ the synagogue in CA, six months

to the day after the shooting
@ the synagogue in PA. 
We’ll just chat about our children,
& movies, & our life

of love ahead. This one you’ve spent
threading prayer beads, this one
you’ve wrapped in the blessing
of emerald, cat’s eye—heart

chakra—& shouldn’t that
be enough? One dusk
when our voice never turns
to blood? 

Push it away—
at least for the night. Won’t death 
still be death
in the morning? Let the sun 

bleat its hot brass 
second line, let the black birds
be jealous. Let the grass weep
for joy.           

A bead,

a bead,

a bead.

Bless your hands,
the orb
of every soul.