Abstract: Epiphany

Epiphany as a moment, as a lifetime, as an individual, as a collective, as ache, as ecstasy, as clarity, as abstraction

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The first print edition of Abstract features emerging and established contemporary black and brown writers and artists, each engaging with their own epiphanic experiences, exploring how we choose to communicate them, obscure them, consume them, and/or safeguard them for future generations.

Epiphany is a mutable occurrence; its meaning evolves with its audience. This publication functions similarly, asking its readers to engage with it: there’s plenty of room to annotate, edit, add to, redact, draw, rewrite, or amend its pages. Or dissolve it in your bathtub. Or set it on fire. We're not sure if epiphanies are things that a person can possess, but if they are, they’re partly yours now.

Epiphany is a creature of the deep past and the far future. It doesn’t sit idle for long.



Karen Pope
A Bowden
Bree Jo’Ann
The Tuesday-Xavier Collective
Bella Bravo
Clayton Hamilton
Teayarnna Williams

Space Yamzz
Brit Fukushima
Chantel Massey
Justin Brown
Ari Attack
Too Black
Mitchell L. H. Douglas
Carl Pope


Edited by: Justin Brown, A Bowden, Benjamin Blevins, Janneane Blevins
Curated by: RE:PUBLIC
Designed by: PRINTtEXT
Published by: Indianapolis Contemporary

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Join us Saturday, September 28th for the launch of the issue, along with spoken word performances. Issues are free and will be available following the launch at Rabble Coffee, 2119 E 10th St, and Hoy Polloy, 2121 E 10th St.

Thanks to the The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation for sponsoring this issue.