Deantoni Parks and the Algorithm

Photo by Christ Hunt; Illustration by I/C

Photo by Christ Hunt; Illustration by I/C

Deantoni Parks, aka Technoself, constructs drum beats in a new wave, avant garde style that transforms the genre. When listening to his music, you’re able to transcend into what seems like alternate dimensions — with the complexity of his style, it’s worth the trip.

Parks is the founder of New York-based band KUDU and is also one half of the writing group Dark Angels. Deantoni has incredible musical taste, so naturally his playlist is immaculate. Parks has performed or recorded with The Mars Volta, Bosnian Rainbows, Flying Lotus, John Cale, and many more. He’s also a part of Leaving Records. His latest solo album, Homo Deus, is available on Bandcamp. — Ari Attack, Abstract Music Editor

1. What is your earliest memory of listening to or making music?

Playing along to a Rufus and Chaka Khan record, in a club that was visited by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Al Green at age 4 is one of my earliest memories of playing music.

2. What role do you want your music to play in society?

The role of simply existing. If a thing exists, it can be revalued infinitely.

3. Where is music headed?

Music is about its' attachment to various visual representatives. Music is the leading immersive art form, and fans of and followers of music demand even more on the interactive end. This is a good sign for the future of music.

4. What do you want the algorithm to solve?

I would like for it to solve all of our problems as humans, starting with waste management/environmental concerns.

5. Who is a living artist that we should know about and why?

Jonnine Standish, lead singer from HTRK, the Australian band produced by Rowland S. Howard (The Birthday Party). She is a polymath and I can't wait to see what she does next.

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