We’re Indianapolis Contemporary


iMOCA is now Indianapolis Contemporary.
You can also call us I/C.

Founded in 2001as the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA), we relaunched as Indianapolis Contemporary in 2019. I/C continues the organization’s mission to connect people to innovative and inspiring art of our time, but with a new name, look, and approach for a more nimble and responsive contemporary arts organization.

Building on iMOCA’s 18-year history, I/C presents exhibitions and programs that are aesthetically compelling, conceptually rigorous, and socially impactful. A focused curatorial process ensures diversity and imagination through the inclusion of new ideas, voices, practices, and audiences, while utilizing unique spaces to showcase the highest-caliber of contemporary art. And as always, I/C is committed to presenting contemporary art experiences that are exceptional, approachable, and free to visit.

What’s new?

Our name: The new name refines iMOCA to its core essence: Indianapolis Contemporary.

Our look: A new logo, brand, and website reflect the organization’s new approach.

Our approach: With a broad approach to contemporary art presentation including multi-site exhibitions and programs, public artworks, and online publications, all I/C projects share an emphasis on commissioning new work.

Multi-site: You may have known iMOCA at the Murphy Building, CityWay, or the Emelie Building; now, I/C is embracing a model that is multi-site, nimble, and responsive to the needs of artists rather than of a single gallery.

New partnerships: I/C collaborates with a network of local and national partners to present exhibitions, programs, and publications. Partners including Hoy Polloy and the National Performance Network are vital to keep I/C at the cutting edge of contemporary arts practice.

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I/C’s work takes four approaches:

Exhibitions: I/C presents a full calendar of multi-site exhibitions at partner locations, with an emphasis on commissioning new work. I/C is committed to making connections between local, national, and international artists, elevating the work of local artists to reach national audiences, as well as bringing the best contemporary arts voices to bear in Indianapolis.

Programs: Through artist talks, hands-on workshops, and other special events, programs are an opportunity to engage more deeply with I/C exhibitions and artists.

Abstract: I/C’s new arts writing platform, Abstract is published monthly online and via email, with special print issues annually. Content includes artist interviews, thought-provoking essays, experimental prose, alongside visual art and musician-curated playlists.

Network: This two-year fellowship program brings together three local artists and ten international curators, connecting local contemporary artists to an international arts community, while bringing an international perspective to Indianapolis, furthering the city’s standing as a serious arts and culture destination.

Our Commitment

At I/C, we’re committed to supporting artists, valuing artistic labor and research, and investing in artists with equitable and livable wages.

We’re committed to presenting a diverse representation of artists, especially those whose voices have been historically marginalized.

We’re committed to fostering conversations between local Indianapolis arts and culture with the best contemporary arts practices happening regionally, nationally, and internationally.

And we believe in the arts’ transformative power to ask critical questions, provoke meaningful conversations, and imagine new possibilities.


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About the I/C identity

Designed by Commercial Artisan, the new graphic identity for Indianapolis Contemporary is a coordinated system of shapes, colors and symbols designed to provide opportunities for creative expression within the organizations’s targeted communications. It is standardized, yet allows for interpretation and variation. Central to the new brand is a simple and confident monogram logo. The letters “i” and “c” are separated by a diagonal slash and encased within a square box that hints at visual references as diverse as traffic signage, insignia and the text-based art of Lawrence Weiner. The identity serves as a bold and playful reflection of Indianapolis Contemporary’s mission to bring thought-provoking and rigorously created art experiences to the people of central Indiana.