Where Do We Go From Here? : Shamira Wilson

Shamira Wilson,  Where Do We Go From Here?,  Rust-printed fabric, vinyl

Shamira Wilson, Where Do We Go From Here?, Rust-printed fabric, vinyl

Opens October 2, 2019
Milhaus, 460 Virginia Avenue

Where Do We Go From Here? documents the story of changes occurring in city infrastructure by experimenting with the language of construction materials: their structure, graphics, textures, and juxtaposition with nature. The site-specific installation by Indianapolis-based Shamira Wilson, employs rusted construction ReMesh in an oxidation printing method, transferring gridded rust imprints onto fabric.

Wilson is interested in the transformation that takes place during the rust printing process, exploring the meaning of these materials by removing them from their expected context, and thinking about how they speak to the fabric of our everyday lives.

Wilson's minimal abstract work explores repeat patterns and textile motifs, alluding to the African Diaspora, storytelling qualities in African American narrative textiles, and the textile traditions of African cultures. By fusing similarities in the langues of graphic design, textiles, furniture, and architecture, her compositions express impressions left by contemporary life.

The site-specific installation is presented in partnership with Milhaus an on view at 460 Virginia Avenue. The work is exterior facing and no admission is necessary to view it.

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