Optical Bouquet: Jennifer Zwick

Jennifer Zwick, Alberta World, 2018, 30x30 inches, Archival Pigment Print

Jennifer Zwick, Alberta World, 2018, 30x30 inches, Archival Pigment Print

July 4 - December 31, 2019
CityWay Gallery, 216 E South St
Call 317-624-8200 for public hours 

Optical Bouquet features the work of sculptural photographer Jennifer Zwick. The selection of images from several photographic series include Flowers and FabricAn Exercise in Formal Composition, and others. Zwick is interested in the ways the viewer’s brain interprets (or fails to comprehend) visual information like optics, symmetry, humor and anxiety. These outlandish “still lifes“ are moments of contemplation for Zwick “to think about what we will accept as real, about how much our brains miss when we move through the world, about what we take for granted and how much power we truly have to reshape our reality.”

This exhibition is a partnership of I/C, Buckingham Companies, and CityWay.

Trained in photography, Jennifer Zwick works in a variety of media, including large-scale installations, wearable sculptures, painting, interactive video installation, printmaking, and photographic processes.  She is particularly interested in optics, symmetry, humor, one-point-perspective, anxiety, repetition, repetition, and repetition. Her artwork is included in Seattle’s King County Permanent Arts Collection, was featured three times on the cover of The Stranger, was a 2018 Artist Trust Arts Innovator Award Finalist, and she has received numerous grants and awards, including two 4Culture Arts Special Projects Grants, two Artist Trust GAP Grants (including the Jini Dellaccio GAP Grant), a CityArts Projects Grant, and an Artist Trust Fellowship. She has appeared on “Art Zone with Nancy Guppy” and PRI’s “Studio 360”. She used the word “including” several times too many in this statement, and welcomes your thesaural alternatives. In addition to making art, she writes a song a day once every few years. She also invented the world “thesaural” and, just now, “thesauric.” Jennifer lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She is there right now.

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